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Adventure Travelogue and more: Caving, Long Distance Backpacking, Mountaineering, Worldwide Misadventures, et cetera...

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Nov 2018: AZUT Trip


Website housecleaning time. Time to sweep off the old stuff and make room for the new. I've got a great trip planned for this month. Stay tuned.

22 Sep 2018: Update


Just a quick update. August was a big shooting month with several different types of matches, practice sessions, competition training, a PT shooting challenge, some sighting-in, and some fun range time. I did not reach 2000 rounds shot like I had estimated but it did come to over half of that. This month won't reach 1k rounds fired but it is still shooting heavy with multiple matches, sighting-in, another PT Challenge, training class, and some fun shooting.

As of today I finished my second IDPA match for the month and I did something different. Earlier in the month I shot the Revolver Division just for fun and it was fun and pretty smooth. That was my second time ever competing with a revolver. Legacy Gunsmithing recently completed some work on it and it shoots similar to my Smith and Wesson 686 that had Performance Center work done. Today I shot Backup Gun but instead of my Glock 27, I used the itty bittey Ruger LCP II for the first time in competition. I haven't seen the scores yet but it felt like a good day. I put 200+ rounds through it the previous day in an Insight refresher class with 4 different types of ammo. It does beat up the webbing of my hand like the first gen LCP did especially with full power defensive loads. It shoots great though there have been some double feeds that I'd like to fix since it is in the carry rotation. And I recently posted Polenar Tactical's Sep Challenge.

24-25 Aug 2018: CO State Championship


I made of video of some of the stages. CO State Match. I shot a CZ Custom 75 B in the Stock Service Pistol (SSP) division and am classified as Sharpshooter (SS). I was middle of the pack.

The match was held at the newly constructed, world class, Cameo Shooting and Education Complex. 15 minutes away from hotels and the Grand Junction Airport. Easy access. Tier 3 match. $125 match fee. Lunch is included. We ordered a few extra t-shirts but can't guarantee a shirt for registrants after August 4th. 12 stages with creative props and stage design. Round count is 202 (bring at least 250 rounds). PCC & BUG not supported. SO's and staff will shoot on Friday August 24. Competitors will shoot on Saturday August 25. Match is hosted by the Action Pistol Group of Grand Junction.

I'm driving out on Thursday after work because I am signed up for the Friday practice/training session.

Join me for a quick Tune-up session before the 2018 CO IDPA State Championship at the brand new Cameo Shooting and Education Complex. The class will be held in the same range, from 12PM-6PM on August 24th, the Friday before the main match on Saturday. We will be focusing on tuning up all of your fundamental skills before the match, ensuring you have the best performance possible. Expect to work harder in the class than any match you've ever shot, or ever will shoot.

Since there are many people traveling in on Friday, I worked with Walt and we will be training from 12PM-6PM, so we'll get almost a full day's worth of shooting even with the offset schedule to allow for travel. The $80 class fee includes your range fee, so you'll just need to bring an extra 5-600 rounds for the day!

"When people are presented with the alternatives of hating themselves for their failures or hating others for their success, they seldom choose to hate themselves." — Thomas Sowell
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