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Restless Adventurer

Adventure Travelogue and more: Caving, Long Distance Backpacking, Mountaineering, Worldwide Misadventures, et cetera...

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Geneva Creek 4x4 Trip. Challenger-Glacier (really old photos), Dinosaur National Monument, Shooters Grill in Rifle, and the Tree Crane.

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7,14 Nov 2015: CERT

These past two Saturdays, I finished the last two classes in RTD's CERT program. I'm not really sure why they were called "advanced" and required the first two classes as prerequisits. It was just CPR and AED training and the last was active shooter training with little practical value. Anyway I'm officially a CERT volunteer which really has little meaning because the volunteers were only ever used once because no entity wants responsibility if one of the volunteers gets hurt. Oh well. Putting out a small diesel fire was cool. Maybe at some point RTD will give the CERT volunteers free transit passes or something.

18 - 21 Oct: Dinosaur National Monument

I spent several days at Dinosaur National Monument. That was my first time in that corner of Colorado. Unfortunately there wasn't nearly as much to do there as I thought and there had been quiet a lot of rain making the backroads way to sketchy. I've never seen mud that sticky. It coated the tires resulted in little traction. This was my first real road trip with the FJ too and I had hoped to give it more of a workout. It was still nice to get away but it was a bit disappointing. I could have done everything in a day and a half for sure. The main exhibit at the dinosaur quarry was pretty cool though.

11 - 12 Oct: Geneva Creek 4X4

Geneva Creek 4x4 Trip

I couldn't wait to try out the new wheels so the day after buying the FJ, I took an overnight trip to Geneva Creek. It is an easy 4 wheeling route and one that was both close and new to me. Not much more to say other than it was good times. Check it out here: Geneva Creek 4x4 Trip.

9 Oct: Zombie Bug Out Vehicle


Goodbye S10, you served me well for many years. I was lucky to find that truck but repairs and maintenance was starting to cost as much as it was worth and I had gotten stranded a few times. So while some parts were on order I decided to look into a replacement vehicle and rather quickly decided to buy a new-to-me Toyota FJ Cruiser. I spent the last two weeks searching. Mine is a 2011 in silver and black which I think is one of the best looking color schemes. I have some ideas for upgrades but for the time being I'm taking the time to reorganize my vehicle kit which led to me reorganizing my daypack kits. I'm cycling out expired first aid stuff for instance and trying to assemble useful standard load. More on that as it develops. I should start a Youtube channel...

31 Jul - 3 Aug: Whittington U Practical Pistol I & II

Practical Pistol 2

The plan had been to take a Magpul class in Wyoming summer 2015 but that class ended up cancelled. The alternative was to head in the opposite direction and take a class with Professional Marksmen at Whittington Center in New Mexico. I shose Practical Pistol I & II and made a long weekend of it.

What's my review of the place? Meh. The classes were geared to people with little experience who couldn't be expected to shoot well in a real situation. For beginners they could be quite good. For someone with prior experience and training it was mostly just low impact practice. Now with that said, I did learn things there and did come out better than I went in. The instructors were good and I always like visiting Whittington Center. But for about the same money I could have had much better training elsewhere.

15 Jul 2015: Zombie Apocalypse Live

Zombie Survivors

We rocked another Zombie Apocalypse Live.

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