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Atapuerca - Burgos
03 November 2002
Day's km: ?
Overall km: 657

The morning was foggy and started with a 2 km ascent up a hill above the town. Jose and I waited some for the others, but he insisted I go on since I was wearing only a T-shirt and needed to keep moving to stay warm. So, I hurried off along the Camino. Fortunately, I saw them all again in Burgos.

Burgos is approximately 657 km from my starting point in Toulouse. That seems so far away now. It is a large, important city, and the route into the center was through rows and rows of apartments and stores. Some people did not like that part, but I came here to see the country and that is part of it so I did not mind.

The old Burgos is fantastic. I will let my photos describe the place. The sites I visited today include in order of appearance: The Church of San Lesmés on a plaza with the museum of Burgos, the stunning Gothic Cathedral, Church of San Nicolás de Bari, the Arch of Santa María, park along Paseo de Espolón, and the city park in which the albergue is located.

It was here I said goodbye to my two Spanish friends, the wonderful Guillermo and Isabella, after wine and cod in a tiny, standing room only bar and met up with the other pilgrims I left behind. Jose is spending the night in the albergue then he is gone as well. And, I believe the two Australian girls are taking the bus ahead because they are short on time. Finally, Dominik is headed back to Stuttgart at 2 or 3 am. Won't be much of a group after that.

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