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A small sample

I'm part collector and part shooter. I enjoy shooting and am fairly good but I also enjoy just having a piece of history which is what most of my military or military style guns are. Regardless of what they may look like, I don't have any fully automatic weapons. Everything I have is legal for a civilian to own in the USA. And is functionally no different from plain wooden-stocked hunting and target guns.

Since I have reorganized this section it has become wildly popular. There had always been lots of outside linking to individual pictures but my logfiles are know showing that this section especially the armory page are getting tons more hits. That is a lot of motivation to improve this part of my site.
The 44 beats the fruit

My plans are to add a couple short firearm primers in the future. Since I don't run a "gun website" but only have a few gun pages, I don't expect visitors to be shooters but random backpackers or climbers that click "Guns" on a whim. Given the overwhelming amount of misinformation or downright lies from urban legends, movies, and the media, the chances are that some background information will prove useful. Wikipedia has a great article concerning the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and below is a very good explanation of fully automatic and semi-automatic firearms. Everything I own is semi-automatic regarless of what it looks like.

To this first video I'd add I've encountered a lot of people including news reporters that think semi-automatic = fully automatic. With semi-automatic the gun loads the round but the trigger needs to be pulled for every shot. Fully automatic fire is with a single trigger press, the gun loads and shoots, loads and shoots, loads and shoots, aka sprays bullets until empty. He also defines the fully automatic rifle as the only assualt weapon - true. It's worth noting though that so called "assault weapon bans" aren't banning the fully automatic guns as those are already banned and have been for a long time. Pro-ban groups simply started calling the semi-automatic guns that cosmetically *look* like military weapons "assault rifles". And it works a lot of times to get guns arbitrarily banned.

Around 1:35 he says, "This is a fully automatic assault rifle. This is banned. It's prohibited. It's limited almost virtually to police and military use. A citizen cannot go in and purchase this." True and the key words there are "almost virtually" as they are not technically 100% banned from citizen ownership. Around 3:15 he refers to a fully automatic rifle and says, "It's prohibited from purchase in the United States except for police and law enforcement." For all intents and purposes yes they are banned, but he should use that "virtually" term again here to be completely correct.

[Intro]   Caliber   My Armory   
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