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Weekend backpacking trips are fun, but the real action is extended trekking and adventure travel. Below are links to my journals and photos from mainly long distance backpacking trips. I have plans to reformat this backpacking section some. I don't like how things are divided up currently.

Featured Backpacking

Cronological order

Appalachian Trail Appalachian Trail, 14 states, USA [Jan - Jul 2000]
Inca Trail and Machu Picchu Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, Perú [Aug 2001]
Way of Saint James Camino de Santiago, France & Spain [Oct - Nov 2002]
John Muir Trail John Muir Trail, California, USA [Jun 2003]
approaching Ciudad Perdida Ciudad Perdida, Colombia [Mar 2005]
Long Trail Long Trail, Vermont, USA [Sep - Oct 2005]
Mountain to Sea Trail Mountain to Sea Trail, North Carolina, USA [Feb - Mar 2007]
Hadrians Wall Path Hadrians Wall Path, England, United Kingdom [Jul - Aug 2007]
West Highland Way West Highland Way, Scotland, United Kingdom [Aug 2007]
Great Colorado Loop Great Colorado Loop, Colorado, United States [Jun - Aug 2011]
Arizona Trail Arizona Trail, Arizona, United States [Feb - May 2013]

Other miscellaneous but beautiful trips

Other Trips Sundry other backpacking trips

[Index]   AT   AZT   Ciudad Perdida   CdS   CP   CT - GCL   Inca Trail   JMT   LT   MST   Other Trips   Gear

Activities discussed on this site are often dangerous and ill advised.
You can do everything right and still die or be seriously injured. Such is the nature of adventurous pastimes.
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