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Gonzar - Palas de Rei
21 November 2002
Day's km: ?
Overall km: 1076

I am dead tired today, and the rain is back. Scattered showers kept us pilgrims wet throughout the day. I left last and solo but walked through the rolling landscape and small Galician villages with Adrianne most of the day. Satoe was well ahead of us, but the other three and I decided to do a short day and stay in Palas de Rei instead of Melide. Damn rain. At least most of the time the Camino is paved or gravel and not deep mud. Galicia is beautiful, but I wish everyday was not rainy. More rain is predicted through the end of the trip.

The refuge in this small town had several other pilgrims. No familiar faces other than 1 German and the French speaking woman.

It is quite conveniently located and we are planning a night out on the town.

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