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Album: photos:20021018

illicit railroad underpass campsite - Borce
18 October 2002
Day's km: 14
Overall km: 277.5

Last night was okay. No ghost trains spirited me away, and it did not get too cold. The concrete was not all that comfortable however. I probably only got a few hours of solid sleep.

There was no rain today, but the morning was very cold. I was in Bedous in less than an hour and finished off a big cheese and fish sub. After putting down some water, I tried to find the GR653 through and out of the town which took a little work. The waymarks outside of town were bad too. I made it to Accous but leaving the village the waymarks disappeared. I believe I started out okay but got off route and had to bushwhack through the forest where I somehow came out precisely where the GR exits onto N134. Some would attribute this miracle to Santiago Peregrino, but I like to think that I am just that good.

Oh, before my miraculous escape there was my detour to the hill named Le Poey between Bedous and Accous. It is a bracken-covered hill several hundred feet high in the valley overlooking several villages. It had a big cross on it so when the path split and the signpost was missing the placard, I headed on up. The hike up was actually pretty exhausting as it has several very steep sections and the sun by that time was broiling me. All I found at the top was a carpet of sheep feces and a non-St. Jacques related cross. The view was nice, but there really were not any good pictures that I could see. I took to anyway since it was such a pain getting up there. (Note: as it happens the 2 I took turned out pretty well.)

Between Accous and Cette-Eyegun was an easy 6 km roadwalk along the moderately busy N134. It was a nice change from walking through mud and wet grass, but it was too late because my boots and socks were already wet. Fortunately, I am using two alternating pairs of socks to hike in. One is always drying out on my pack while I am getting the other wet. For the evening, I get to enjoy a third clean pair.

Next came a couple kilometers of up and down on an annoying, muddy cow track through woods and pastures. When I crossed back over the Gave d'Aspe and turned around during a rest break Cette-Eyegun was still just right there! I spent almost an hour and seemingly went nowhere.

But the day ended shortly thereafter on a high note. I was just going to pass through Borce and walk another 4 km to Urdos, but I had a chance to stay at a gîte, like a hostel, and Borce is a beautifully preserved medieval town.

So, for €8.50 (written 8€ 50 in Europe) I am staying at one of the gîtes and took a walking tour of the town. I have a bunch of pictures and was able to grasp the gist of what the pamphlet and signs said. Really very interesting architecture. There is also an ancient pilgrim hospital here too. As for the gîte, it is fabulous. It is absolutely beautiful, large, and well kept up.

I am finishing up the night with Coca Cola and chorizo slices. A little later I will relax in front of the fire with a Belgian beer and figure out where to go tomorrow. I am only about 20 km from Spain. Two ladies staying here are also headed that way but they have to work so they will be turning around. Suckers. :)

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