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Album: photos:20021112

Villar de Mazarife - Astorga
12 November 2002
Day's km: 30
Overall km: 882.5

Villar de Mazarife to Astorga took me off the meseta officially. Goodbye to the adobe homes and the buried homes and hello again to stone structures including a fine 20 arch bridge and one of the oldest in Spain.

For once I left first in the morning and watched the sunrise from the Camino. It did not really make a good picture though so I was a bit disappointed. I walked on and off with the other hikers throughout the day and achieved a fine view of Astorga with Eric from a hill above the city.

Astorga is an attractive little town with a fine collection of buildings and Roman remains that I did not get a chance to see before dark. The lure of the Internet and a good local restaurant proved too strong. I will have to look around in the morning.

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