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Boadilla del Camino - Carrion de los Condes
06 November 2002
Day's km: 24.5
Overall km: 736.5

The kilometers passed surprisingly quickly today. Satoe left a bit ahead of us, but we caught up soon. The morning was cold and foggy and the others have taken to calling me "tee-shirt man" sice that is my all purpose hiking wear no matter what the conditions. They prefer to really bundle up, but I stay sufficiently warm just by walking and don't get sweaty.

We left town via country roads and soon turned onto a path alongside an old canal. It was still foggy but pleasant walking. I passed the time with Satoe learning about Japan and sharing stories. I will try and learn some Japanese while I have the opportunity.

By Fromista the fog was gone and it was a little warmer. We all stopped in a small supermarket for te usual food items. In the park we ate, but I was still making my giant sandwich when everybody else was finished and took off. I fed a fat little dog before packing up the rest of my fodo for the walk and heading to the church.

The church of San Martin was built in 1066 and excellently restored. It is deconsecrated now and is open for tourism. When I was there a chatty young spanish woman was at the information desk. I bought many postcards and took many photes of the interiour especially the fine capitals. The woman asked if I was a teacher taking pictures to use in class.

Later and far down the road, Mario, a pilgrim bicyclist from Barcelona, and I shared our pictures of the church in a small bar in Villalcazar de Sirga. Across the street was another church notable for the fact that it's stone patio was leaning to one side. The bar was a nice break near the end of the day and the biker was interesting. I had a few beers and a few pinchos to fuel me for the last little stretch to Carrion de los Condes.

There, I met up with the others in the refugio run by the Monastery of Santa Clara. A very happy little nun showed me around tand to the dormitory where everyone else was. Best think about the town though was we actually got a restaurant meal and a very good one at that. Yahoo!

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