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Trip Index

John Muir Trail trip 2003. 18 days of fun!

Date Starting Location Destination Miles Cumulative Miles Notes
12 June Yosemite National Park Yosemite Bug Hostel, Midpines, CA 0 0 My arrival in Yosemite National Park
13 June Happy Isles, Yosemite National Park Cloud's Rest trail junction 13 13 Whoo hoo. On the trail at last!
14 June Cloud's Rest trail junction Long Meadow 10 23 This snow may be a problem!
15 June Long Meadow Lyell Canyone "Basecamp" 17.2 34.2  
16 June Lyell Canyone "Basecamp" Emerald Lake 11 45.2 Damn marmot
17 June Emerald Lake Red's Meadow 15.4 60.6 Shower!
18 June Red's Meadow Deer Creek Ford 9.7 70.3  
19 June Deer Creek Ford Squaw Lake 14.9 85.2  
20 June Squaw Lake Vermilion Valley Resort 9.5 94.7  
21 June VVR Upper Bear Creek Meadow 10.8 105.5  
22 June Upper Bear Creek Meadow below Evolution Valley 17.3 122.8  
23 June below Evolution Valley Muir Pass 13 135.8 nice hut
24 June Muir Pass hut Deer Meadow 14 149.8  
25 June Deer Meadow Kings River tributary 11.7 161.5  
26 June Kings River tributary Arrowhead Lake 16.4 177.9  
27 June Arrowhead Lake around 11,000 ft and west of Center Peak 11.2 189.1 wow, the miles have really added up
28 June around 11,000 ft and west of Center Peak Crabtree Meadow 17.5 206.6 highest mileage day
29 June Crabtree Meadow Whitney Shelter 8.5 215.1 The end of the JMT
30 June Whitney Shelter Whitney Portal 11 226.1 Hike out to civilization. I am finished walking for now.
01 July 2003 Bug Hostel the highway 0 226.1 Goodbye Jana

Intro   Gear   Map   Profile   [Trip Index]   Journal & Photos   
Index   AT   AZT   Ciudad Perdida   CdS   CP   CT - GCL   Inca Trail   [John Muir Trail]   LT   MST   Other Trips   Gear

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