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Album: photos:day08

Squaw Lake - Vermilion Valley Resort
20 June 2003
Day 8
Miles: 9.5/94.7

Surprisingly warm last night. I actually woke up and had to unbundle.

2 am came quickly and by 02:55 I was hiking. The sky was clear and the half moon bright on the snow. The pass was not very difficult. I only really needed my ax in one spot as I gained the pass. The sky was brightening by then. It was about a quarter to five.

The rest of the hiking was all downhill to Edison Lake where I lay now. My boots and socks are drying in the sun. They got soaked by a few creek fordings this morning. Normally I would have changed into my water shoes, but I thought I might be able to make it okay with my gaitors on if I moved quickly. Plus I did not want to be late arriving at the lake. The gaitors definately helped but some water still got inside my boots. Then in subsequent crossings I just plunged across as I knew my walk was almost done, and I could dry them at VVR.

So here I lay on the white granite shore of the lake waiting for the ferry to take me to VVR. Getting 9.5 miles in before 9 am isn't too bad. Still 25 minutes before the ferry arrives. I should probably eat Tom's spagetti as I did not need the extra day of food and going to VVR hungry could become expensive. Sharon, a PCT thruhiker I met yesterday, really had good things to say about the food. She described 2 of her fellow hikers as hobbits because they had a 1st breakfast, then an hour later a 2nd breakfast before hitting the trail.

That's all for now. More tonight unless I am in a food coma.

15:17 I am here in the hiker tent with about 15 other thruhikers, 7 of which are taking the afternoon ferry out of here. It is a nice place, but the expenses add up quickly. Unfortunately I did not think to bring a credit card and my cash is low. Didn't something like this happen in Europe?

I yogi'ed some TP from another hiker just now to replace mine which disappeared last night. I presume a rodent ran off with it. I am very glad that I noticed now.

18:29 Partly finished working off my dinner. Just like an AMC hut on the AT, I am doing a little cleanup for food. Ah, the life of an itinerant.

I depart in the morning on the 09:00 ferry. I don't know how far I will go because there is a lot of altitude to gain with a snowy pass at the end of it, and my pack is swollen with my resupply.

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