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Album: photos:day09

VVR - Upper Bear Creek Meadow
21 June 2003
Day 9
Miles: 10.8/105.5

Soooooo nice to sleep in today. What a change. I don't think I was out of my bunk before 08:00. Lots of us headed out on the morning ferry. Really it is just a houseboat.

When we docked there were even more PCT thruhikers waiting. I did not know anybody of course, but they all greeted each other with the camraderie born of close to 900 difficult trail miles together.

Arriving at 09:45 I wasted no time hiking the 1.4 miles back to the JMT. I had a long 2,000+ foot ascent to start the day. My pack was 17 pounds heavier than the day before, but I made it over the ridge faster than I expected. Still it was 14:00 before I started descending the over side.

I found a nice place for lunch overlooking the valley that I was about to walk up. Seldon Pass is somewhere at it's head. That is for tomorrow though. I rehydrated some potatoes with cheese and broccoli. It was one of my bulkier meals. I really wish my belongings packed up smaller. Emptying my food bag some will help that.

I am carrying so much food that it does not all fit in my bear canister. I have the excess in an Ursack TKO. That is a bear resistant bag made of high strength material that a bear probably cannot get through. It will be some time until it is empty.

Anyway, after descending into the valley the PCT/JMT followed Bear Creek's left side for several more miles. A lot of water is flowing and some of the rapids are impressive. Thankfully I did not have to ford anything very difficult along the way.

I stopped about a mile and a half early. There is a great site here, and I was starting to slown down. Lots of bare rock and boulders around me. I am tenting in a lightly wooded area listening to the rapids. Dinner was Chili Mac and tea. It is getting cold.

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