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Album: photos:day15

Arrowhead Lake - west of Center Peak at 11,000 ft
27 June 2003
Day 15
Miles: 11.2/189.1

I discovered that my mileage is off. I am taking it from my maps, but it does not match the guidebook. I don't know which is correct. The book says that I have hiked a little farther.

I went over my namesake pass this morning. Glen Pass is the third last major pass on this trip. Tomorrow it is Forester. The final pass is on Mt. Whitney's shoulder, Trail Crest. On Glen there was not much snow at all, but I took out my ax for the snowfield near the crest. Turns out that I didn't need it there either. The old footprints made a deep treadway for me. It would have been difficult to fall.

I snacked on some granola bars and took pictures at the top before the long descent. Windless and warm. Very nice.

Today's miles were easy, and I stopped twice to nap. But I finished strong enough with a hike back up to 11,000. I am under Forrester Pass now. It is perhaps 3.5 miles away. Bubbs Creek is far below, but I can still hear it. My water came from a small streamlet on the other side of the JMT. Great views from my perch here high up in the canyon.

My dinner was the angel hair pasta that Tom gave me way back when I thought it might take me another day to reach VVR. Wow, did that make a lot of food. Tom wasn't kidding! Excellent meal.

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