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Album: photos:day14

Kings River tributary - Arrowhead Lake
26 June 2003
Day 14
Miles: 16.4/177.9

My alarm never woke me so I got a late but very relaxing start. I cooked a nice breakfast of chicken flavored Noodles & Sauce from inside the tent and contemplated the day's journey while laying in my sleeping bag waiting for the food to finish cooking.

When I finally did get moving. I started the uphill to Pinchot Pass. It's been one pass a day lately. The hike was a slow grunt through the timbered slopes and above that the alpine tundra. Some soft, patchy snow was present but no major quantities. At the top, 12,130 feet, I greeted a pair of northbounders before starting the long descent down to the Woods Creek crossing at 8,547. More than four sunny hours later I crossed the creek on the "Golden Gate of the Sierras", an impressive suspension bridge.

On the other side I faced a dilema. My watch read almost 17:00 and there was good camping where I stood. But there was also good camping 3.7 miles and 1,700 feet further. I was a bit tired but decided to go for the higher camp.

In fact I even made it a little further than Dollar Lake. I ended my day feeling like a true thruhiker - legs churning out hard, end-of-the-day miles, my breath ragged, my body on autopilot, and working against the clock.

Time to change the camera's CF card. I have been taking a lot of pictures.

More tomorrow as the adventure continues.

Available Images:

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