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Album: photos:day11

below Evolution Valley - Muir Pass
22 June 2003
Day 11
Miles: 13/135.8

I slept in a little bit but was still hiking by 07:00. My day did not finish until 13 hours later. My pace was so slow, but I plugged on through Evolution Valley.

Steadily climbing, I soon met a thruhiker who warned me of the upcoming water crossing. The water would reach mid thigh, and it would "wake me up". Yikes. He was right too. It was wide and deep but not very fast. I did not think it was as cold as some of the others but maybe I am just getting used to it. Still, it was cold enough that my feet were in pain. On the other side I warmed up quickly and donned my pants and boots once more.

Soon two more northbounders arrived and changed into their stream crossing attire. Dave and Brook shared some of their funny water crossing stories with me. I snapped a couple photos as they forded.

Slowly I made it past McClure Meadow and fixed a pot of Mac & Cheese for lunch. I have been fixing big lunches lately rather than snacking as I usually do. It gives me a break and enough energy to lug this pack.

Evolution Valley sure is pretty, but I feel it may be a bit overhyped. It is not that much different from what I have come through already. It's sides have lots of bare rock from the glacial scraping it received. At it's head is another hanging valley surrounded by 12 and 13 thousand foot peaks.

I climbed up to Evolution Lake and then Sapphire Lake - both extremely beautiful. Along the way I exchanged trail data with other thruhikers. No JMTers anywhere to be seen.

Finally I was in the snow. Moving ever so slowly, I followed the tracks from those before me. It was not easy, but I made progress. Muir Pass kept getting closer, and I could even see the small stone shelter at the top that would serve as my shelter tonight. Eventually Wanda and even Lake McDonald were behind and below me and I crested the pass.

This shelter is a wonderful respite from the bitter wind outside. It is round with a door and window. I am sharing it with to northbounder PCTers. Outside the wind is blowing hard. I'm glad that I am not tenting. It can be cold at 12,000 feet. Some clouds have arrived too.

It is late. Time to pack up and go to sleep.

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