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Yosemite Bug Hostel, Midpines, CA
12 June 2003
Day 0

Last night went swimmingly, and I was happily driving to Yosemite Valley early in the morning. Yosemite Valley is impressive. Sheer clifs line the glacial valley and giant waterfalls drop thousands of feet from hanging valleys.

At Yosemite Village, I played the typical tourist after picking up my permit and bear canister at the Wilderness Office. After the visitor center, reconstructed Indian village, and museum, I went for a loop hike and took in the Happy Isles Trailhead for the JMT and hiked to Mirror Lake below the sheer NW face of Half Dome to find a virtual geocache.

Now, outside the park I am just about ready to go. It is dinner time, and I am thoroughly enjoying Yosemite Bug Hostel's amenities. I have not really met anyone yet, but there seems to be a lot of Commonwealth citizens here. In fact I am sharing an otherwise deserted bunkhouse with two Brits who by the look of their airline tags flew the last leg from Mexico City to Tijuana then probably bussed up here.

I hope to catch an early bus back into Yosemite in the morning to start my hike.

Time to leave the cafe and pack up the car for tomorrow.

p.s. Jana from Romania is HOT! Too bad that I am not staying longer. We really connected after dinner.

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