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Album: journal:20070324

24 Mar 2007: day 43
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
I-77 Stone Mtn State Park Campground 20.2 / 559.5

Wow. The diner next door to the Surry Inn served up the best trail breakfast yet - and I've had brains and eggs don't forget. The Hungry Man plate consists of eggs scrambled with ham and sausage, biscuits and gravy, and big chunks of home fries. It's the kind of thing I cook for myself. Mmm good.

I was excited to finally experience my last day on the road. The only downer is that 10 miles down the road sits Thurmond where I have a huge maildrop. That won't be fun to carry. I'm glad I had already finished breakfast when I realized it was Saturday and the PO was already closed. That might have ruined my enjoyment of the remaining food. When the shock wore off I decided to hike into the park anyway. Sunday I could just hike a few miles around Stone Mtn. Monday I could hitch hike to Thurmond and back. No doubt it would be a pain but I couldn't think of any better alternative.

Hours later I was standing in front of Thurmond's Post Office. I decided to check the posted hours and see if anyone was inside. I heard voices! Two ladies were finishing up and were very happy that "the thru-hiker" got his important box. The only way it could have been better if I didn't have to oee. There was no place to go. Anyway I succeeded in cramming everything into my pack. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't "that bad" when I put it on my back.

Still I had a long walk to the campground and arrived well after dark. I think it was after 10 pm before I was showered and got all set up. Tomorrow I resolved to do a short day.

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