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Gear for the Mountain to Sea Trail

Compared to what I took on the southern portion of my AT thruhike there is a significant difference in bulk and weight. Unlike the AT, on this hike I won't really enter the mountains until March. On average I will be hiking in 50° weather. The nights should average in the mid 30s although there has been a recent cold spell. I have a bivy sack, really a heavy duty emergency space blanket, that I plan to use over my sleeping bag (rated to 30°). That should keep me plenty warm at night even in colder than normal weather.

I expect my typical carry weight to be only around 27 lbs maybe a bit more.

Basics: Gregory G Pack (lg 2,950 ci / 51 liters) 2 lbs, 14 oz
REI pack cover
Black Diamond Betalight tarp tent
Kelty Light year 3D 30 degree sleeping bag
Thermo-Lite Bivy Sack (if it really gets cold)
Thermarest Toughskin sleeping pad
New Balance trail runners (for the finish)
Avia walking shoes (for the start)
Performance Outerwear: polypro thermal top and bottoms
midweight fleece jacket
Sierra Designs light rainjacket
Mountain Hardware windproof fleece gloves
Moonstone liner gloves
OR Rocky Mountain low gaitors
2 thermal caps
OR Seattle Sombrero
Kitchen: Peak1 Multifuel stove
32 oz fuel bottle
32 oz water bottle
MSR Blacklight 1.5 liter pot with lid and grabber
First Need Delux water purifier
Instrumentation: Highgear Altiwear wristwatch/altimeter/barometer/compass/etc
Sundry: BD Enduro CF Trekking Poles
First aid kit
Black Diamond Ion headlamp
Leatherman Juice CS4

What sort of food will I be cooking up with my camp kitchen? The usual backpacking food: mac n cheese, shells and cheese, ramen noodles, scalloped potatoes, soups, pasta salads, etc. You get the idea. I try to eat hearty with carb-rich 800-1,200 calorie breakfasts and dinners. I usually just snack (500 calories) for lunch. Incidentally the backpacking burns at least 7 calories each minute. That will increase to around 11 per minute when I start humping the ups and downs of western North Carolina.

Intro   [Gear]   Trip Index   Journal & Photos   
Index   AT   AZT   Ciudad Perdida   CdS   CP   CT - GCL   Inca Trail   JMT   LT   [Mountain to Sea Trail]   Other Trips   Gear

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