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Why SKYDIVING is better than sex!

  1. You can have six skydives a day and still want more.
  2. Finding partners for skydiving is much easier - physical attraction is not as important.
  3. Finding good partners is much easier - everyone knows in advance how good a skydiver you are.
  4. Skydiving is much safer, no diseases and no kids.
  5. It's socially acceptable to do 4-ways, 8-ways, 16-ways...
  6. You can ask skydivers if they've put on weight without offending them.
  7. You rarely get told by your partner(s) that they've had enough.
  8. Solo skydiving is not embarrassing.
  9. Everyone is ugly in freefall.

Here are some more pictures that I did not want to cram on the first page.  Sorry but I don't have any super kewl pics taken from the air yet.  For the time being these older pictures from SkyDive BG will have to do.  Incidentally, SDBG is no longer in business. I think they closed down in 2000.

Happily under canopy.

Above is a picture of Big G coming in for a landing in the bean field.

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