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Skydiving Logbook

Here is a short description of some of my completed jumps.  I'm not including them all nor am I including the textual descriptions from my official logbook.  My goal here is to give the reader a sense of what some of my jumps are like without being boring.  ;-)

All altitudes are AGL (Above Ground Level) rather than MSL (Mean Sea Level).

Most Recent Jump
#45 - 21 July 2001
altitude: 11,500ft delay: forty-five second freefall
Remembering how to fly.

Selected Milestone Jumps
#1 - 23 July 1995
altitude: 3,200ft delay: static line
First Jump!  Wow, what a rush.  It was a good jump and I did everything that I needed to even if I did forget to count off.  Scott and I took the class together and made our first jump on the same day.
#3 - 06 September 1995
altitude: 3,200ft delay: static line
First Practice Ripcord Pull.  I've got a pair of good jumps in and now I start to prepare for pulling my own ripcord.
#7 - 03 August 1996
altitude: 3,500ft delay: clear and pull
First freefall!   Awesome rush.  I still haven't been remembering to count off, but I am pulling that ripcord in time.
#8 - 07 August 1996
altitude: 3,500ft delay: five second freefall
Excellent fun.  During this jump there was acutally enough time to transition fully to the belly-to-earth position.  I actually counted five seconds out this time. :-)
#10 - 31 August 1996
altitude: 4,000ft delay: ten second freefall.
Terminal velocity reached for the first time.
#20 - 19 July 1997
altitude: 6,000ft delay: twenty second freefall
I've started learning maneuvers with a flying a figure eight while freefalling.  It's a great feeling to actually be steering and controlling my flight and seeing the jumpmaster flying a little above me grading my progress.
#32 - 20 June 1998
altitude: 6,000ft delay: twenty second freefall.
It took me five jumps before I nailed a backloop in the air.  Finally!
#36 - 12 July 1998
altitude: 7,500ft delay: thirty second freefall
This was my first 2-way relative work.  Relative work is the act of hooking up with one or more other skydivers in the air.  This was a fairly quick hookup and we held it for maybe 5 seconds before breaking away to deploy our parachutes.
#40 - 02 August 1998
altitude: 8,500ft delay: forty second freefall
Whoo Hoo!  Graduation jump!   2-way relative work with a quick, easy hookup.  I've finished the canopy and skydiving flight requirements.   I nearly have my license now.
#41 - 08 August 1998
altitude: 6,000ft delay: sixteen second freefall.
This is my first jump off student status.  Basically that means I get to do my own thing without supervision - a great feeling!  I opened high in order to experiment with a different, more maneuverable canopy.
#44 - 21 July 2001
altitude: 11,500ft delay: forty-five second freefall
Finally back jumping after about two and a half years.   My jumpmaster would agree that I was pretty rusty in the air.

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