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Album: journal:20070423

23 Apr 2007: day 73
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Mount Collins Shelter Clingmans Dome 4 today / 916.7 total

Today is the day. The others took off north and I headed south. Shortly after hurdling a downed tree I stashed my pack. There's no sense in carrying it up to Clingmans only to haul it right back down to the same spot.

Since the shelter was at 5,870 getting over Mt. Collins was easy enough. I started seeing northbound AT thruhikers right away. More importantly I was seeing lots of sawdust from freshly cut trees. Yay, the trail was clear. In the distance the "spaceship" observation tower rose over the summit. Without my pack I sped over Mt. Love and then arrived at the AT/MST sign near the top of the mountain. Is that the end or is it at the top of the tower? I had pictures taken at both places. Another thruhike completed. 916.7 miles more or less plus 30 or so on the ferries. 946.7 miles in just one state. That is my best estimation since the path doesn't match the guidebook exactly.

There wasn't any fanfare or marching bands playing for me so I didn't stay long. I wasn't finished with hiking quite yet anyway. I got back on the AT and started north.

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