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Album: journal:day12

Sucker Brook to Skyline Lodge
9 Oct 2005
Day 12
9.8 LT miles, 145 cumulative miles

Last night we resolved to do no more night hiking. We woke up and packed early. With only a small snack we left the shelter and other hikers at 08:15. Our two day-wet clothes were quickly warmed during the hike up Worth Mountain. We wondered when the rain would stop.

It finally did after 9 o'clock. How wonderful. It was still a little cold but no rain made all the difference. As an added bonus the trail was easy along the ridge although there still were no views because of low clouds. Our brunch spot was a Ski Patrol hut at Middlebury Snow Bowl. We ate a bunch of Pop Tarts and had a little fluid.

After the ski area we dropped into Middlebury Gap and crossed VT 125. On the other side we entered the Breadloaf Wilderness and started uphill yet again. Our destination was the beautiful and popular Skyline Lodge overlooking Skylight Pond. We arrived at dusk and went about our business which mostly concerned food. This enclosed cabin was a warm refuge and very welcome.

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