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Album: journal:day08

Minerva Hinchey Shelter to Cooper Lodge
05 Oct 2005
Day 8
13.8 LT miles, 101.1 cumulative miles

With the approach trail included I broke 100 miles today. I will have to wait until tomorrow before I have 100 LT miles though. It is good to have come so far, met the people I have, and seen again this portion of the AT.

Today was marked by a disturbing lack of energy. Right from the start I had trouble. I hiked to the suspension bridge over Claredon Gorge okay, but found myself having trouble keeping pace on uphills, especially after the Gorge. Today was lots of uphill because the Gorge is only 800 feet above sea level. In total I had 3,500 vertical feet to do over these 14 miles. I am happy to say I finished strong.

Left Foot and I are again sharing a shelter. This time it is Cooper Lodge, the highest on the LT at 3,850 feet. The stars are beautiful tonight. It is a little cold too.

Tomorrow I meet my sister at the Inn on the Long Trail. Right now she must be headed to the bus station. I'm looking forward to the reunion but also am worried because there is at least one day of bad rain predicted. If Friday is as bad as everyone expects, Karen and I are in for a miserable day; days if all our stuff gets wet.

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