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Album: destinations:Venezuela:Merida


These photos of Merida and its immediate surroundings were taken over the course of a month. I've combined them all here. Those merida-03??.jpg were taken by Sigurd, a fellow adventurer that I met at the hostel. It is a great town to explore and the people are very friendly. I remember my time there very fondly.

Available Images:

merida-0054 merida-0055 merida-0056 merida-0057

merida-0058 merida-0059 merida-0221 merida-0222

merida-0223 merida-0224 merida-0225 merida-0227

merida-0228 merida-0229 merida-0231 merida-0232

merida-0233 merida-0234 merida-0235 merida-0236

merida-0237 merida-0238 merida-0239 merida-0240

merida-0241 merida-0242 merida-0243 merida-0244

merida-0385 merida-0386 merida-0388 merida-0392

merida-0463 merida-0464 merida-0465 merida-0466

merida-0484 merida-0502 merida-9976 merida-9977

merida-9978 merida-9979 merida-9980 merida-9982
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