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Hormigas Culonas

Mmmmm, savory ant treats!

full plate of ants Hormigas Culonas is Spanish for "Big-Assed Ants" more or less literally. English speakers know them as Leaf Cutter ants. The scientific name is Atta laevigata. It is a traditional food from the Santander region of Colombia. The ants are very large. Very. Check out That site has a lot of good information and photos in both english and spanish. Here is another lover of the hormiga (spanish only) with some images lifted from the former website.

I've eaten these ants a couple times and they are quite tasty. If you'd like to try them for yourself but don't plan on visiting Colombia anytime soon, they are available online. They aren't cheap though. Try them on pizza!

Eating Ants

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