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Album: abseil trips

Fall (to) /v./ AKA free-solo rappel. A dynamic retreat from a climb.

Probably my most enjoyable times on rope was doing some waterfall rappelling in Venezuela (not Angel Falls) and Ecuador. The Venezuelan trip had much more to it besides just rappelling like jumping into holes and swimming. This "canyoning" trip was sooo much fun and made all that much more enjoyable by the extreme heat. By the time we finished the short hike up to the first waterfall in our black neoprene, we were soaked in sweat.

I am also putting other canyoning trips here too although I will probably create new Canyoning/Canyoneering section in the future.

Other fun while on rope: sisterly abuse (45.6 MB!) at Hinckley Ohio's Whipps Ledges.

Back on 17 October 2003 I did another rappel as witnessed by a Rocky Mountain News reporter and photographer. The story, Thrill of the Hunt, ran on 08 November 2003. Great article if you ignore all those detours into non-Big G related stuff. :D The photos that I took while on rappel are not my greatest work but they are here if you are interested. The geocache details are here. I encourage you to try and find it if you are up for the challenge although Surlyman gets first find credit. Vader saw it first but was not able to reach it after locking off his rappel.

Note that Whipps Ledges (more commonly mispelled Whips Ledges) and Snow Road photo collections are very old and from near Cleveland, Ohio. Expect them to be removed sometime in the future.

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