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Atlantic Peak (13,841 ft): West Ridge 10 March 2008

Several times I thought that I would turn around on Atlantic Peak. The weather wasn't great and then some of the deep snow I had to cross was a real obstacle. Once I ditched the snowshoes on the ridge things got easier. It was slow going picking my way through the rocks and snow and the weather was still threatening but at least I was headed up. The ridge gradually changed from broad and boring to more and more interesting with hard packed windblown snow formations to cross. There was even a narrow snow ridge and a big wave like cornice to negotiate. The light was flat and everything was dull and grey so I didn't take many pictures. Eventially I made it to the top and the sun popped out to help my photos. It made a great finish. I made it back down past the more delicate parts of the ridge before the snow storm hit. My online photos start on the upper ridge. I took a lot on the summit and on the way down when the light was better.

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