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Album: trips:Ecuador:Antisana

This trip was totally set up by Irina and she invited me along as thanks for the help I had given her during her stay in Ecuador. I didn't have to plan a thing! What a treat. As a bonus she takes good photos. You'll see some of hers below. Anything with an "i" before the number is her work.

Unfortunately we had to stop just under the summit (30 meters maybe). Edgar discovered an uncrossable crevasse just beyond the wall. Still it was an excellent and very interesting climb through a maze of crevasses on a mountain few people attempt.

Available Images:

antisana-8771 antisana-8772 antisana-8774 antisana-8776

antisana-8780 antisana-8788 antisana-8789 antisana-8793

antisana-8795 antisana-8796 antisana-8798 antisana-8799

antisana-8800 antisana-8801 antisana-8809 antisana-8810

antisana-8812 antisana-8816 antisana-8818 antisana-8819

antisana-8820 antisana-8821 antisana-8823 antisana-8824

antisana-8830 antisana-8832 antisana-8833 antisana-8835

antisana-8836 antisana-8837 antisana-8838 antisana-8839

antisana-8840 antisana-8841 antisana-8842 antisana-8843

antisana-8844 antisana-8845 antisana-8846 antisana-8847

antisana-8848 antisana-8849 antisana-8850 antisana-8851

antisana-8852 antisana-8853 antisana-8854 antisana-8856

antisana-8857 antisana-8858 antisana-8859 antisana-i4446

antisana-i4451 antisana-i4456 antisana-i4469 antisana-i4473

antisana-i4476 antisana-i4477 antisana-i4482 antisana-i4483

antisana-i4484 antisana-i4486 antisana-i4495 antisana-i4496

antisana-i4498 antisana-i4501 antisana-i4510
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