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Album: photos:an abbreviated abseil

My third geocache placement was something I had talked about for two years. Finally I hid a cache that needed a rappel or a climb to get to it. I had wanted a more spectacular rappel but I decided it was time to just place it already. Also Ralph Loos from the Rocky Mountain News was there with a photographer to capture the moment for the November 8th edition.

Back on 17 October 2003 I did a rappel witnessed by a Rocky Mountain News reporter and photographer. The story, Thrill of the Hunt, ran on 08 November 2003. Great article if you ignore all those detours into non-Big G related stuff. :D The photos that I took while on rappel are not my greatest work but they are here if you are interested. The geocache details are here. I encourage you to try and find it if you are up for the challenge although Surlyman gets first find credit. Vader saw it first but was not able to reach it after locking off his rappel.

Available Images:

dscn5745 jpg dscn5746 jpg dscn5748 jpg dscn5750 jpg

dscn5755 jpg dscn5759 jpg dscn5760 jpg dscn5761 jpg

dscn5762 jpg dscn5763 jpg dscn5764 jpg dscn5765 jpg
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