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22 Nov 2006: Climbing Practice, Hinckley, Ohio

My sister needed a quick intro to trad climbing for an impromtu trip to Seneca Rocks. I knew just the spot. The Island is a detached cliff block at Hinckley's Whipps Ledges. It isn't much, but it didn't have to be for this practice session. It's probably 20 feet of 5.easy and a rappel back to the ground. The trial run was extremely valuable. Despite mishaps she made it up without falling and I'm cautiously optimistic about Seneca.

These are her pictures.

Available Images:

island-2570 island-2572 island-2573 island-2574

island-2575 island-2576 island-2578 island-2579

island-2582 island-2585 island-2586 island-2593
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