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Album: trips:United-States:WV:Carpenter-Cave
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carpenter-0002cars carpenter-0005setup carpenter-0007andrew carpenter-0011josje

carpenter-0015judith carpenter-0017karen1 carpenter-0018karen2 carpenter-0019leila1

carpenter-0020leila2 carpenter-1037 carpenter-1043 carpenter-1045

carpenter-1046 carpenter-1049 carpenter-1050 carpenter-1051

carpenter-1053 carpenter-1057 carpenter-1058 carpenter-1060

carpenter-1061 carpenter-1062 carpenter-1063 carpenter-1065

carpenter-1067 carpenter-1071 carpenter-1072 carpenter-1073

carpenter-1074 carpenter-1076 carpenter-1077 carpenter-1078

carpenter-1079 carpenter-1080 carpenter-1082 carpenter-1083

carpenter-1084 carpenter-1086 carpenter-1087 carpenter-1089

carpenter-1090 carpenter-1098 carpenter-1100 carpenter-1103 leila ascends

carpenter-1104 carpenter-1107 carpenter-1108 carpenter-1110
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