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Speleofest 28 June 2005: Thornhill Cave

Speleofest is organized by the Louisville (Kentucky) Grotto of the NSS. Kentucky has many good caves. If you have ever heard of Mammoth Cave (largest in the world, I believe) it is located not far from the Lone Star Preserve which is the new official HQ for Speleofest.

This cave was highly recommended to us the night before. In fact it wasn't originally offered but enough people were asking about it that they put up a sign up sheet around 23h00 just after we arrived. This cave was a tough horizontal (i.e. no vertical ropework required) specimen and had a little of almost everything: wide passages, belly crawls, hands and knee crawls, dry passages, water-filled passages, canyonning across cracks, lots of fauna like crickets, blind fish and crawfish, and salamanders, and of course lots of decorations. The decorations were particularily good: stalagtites, stalagmites, columns, soda straws, flowstone, draperies, helactites, gypsum flowers and the very, very rare gypsum cotton. The largest formation was called the Wedding Cake and we could get inside of it for pictures. It was an arduous six hour round trip but worth every aching muscle and pound of mud on our bodies.

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thornhill-17 thornhill-18 thornhill-19 thornhill-20

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thornhill-25 thornhill-26 thornhill-27 thornhill-28

thornhill-29 thornhill-30 thornhill-31 thornhill-32

thornhill-33 thornhill-34 thornhill-35 thornhill-36

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