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Album: ciudad-perdida:photos:Day 1

Ciudad Perdida "Lost City" Trek, Parque Nacional Tayrona, Columbia: Day 1

On my eigth day in Colombia, Arthur and I left for Cuidad Perdida or the Lost City. It is a fairly recently discovered ruin (1975) in the highest coastal range in the world, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. "The city lies on the slopes of the Buritaca Valley at an altitude of between 950m and 1300m. The central part of the city is set on a ridge, from which various stone paths descend to other sectors on the slopes." - Lonely Planet Colombia

Our group was small consisting of only us, Idy (Hong Kong), Ester, and Miriam (mother (40), daughter (14)from Austria). The guide was known as El Gordo, "The Fatass". He was a real nice guy but as it turns out not a particularily good guide. He really didn't explain anything to us.

We began by taking a Jeep from Santa marta to the little village of Maney. At 09h45 we started on foot through the village up the road. After fording a stream we started hiking uphill and the overcast, humid weather began to take its toll. Everybody was soaked with sweat and stripped down to as little clothing as was decent.

The walk was fairly open but the views were not very impressive - yet. We took two rest stops and the second was at a nice overlook where there used to be a house with a guy that sold juice. Not for us though, it was just a small clearing with lizards running around through the brush.

We continued along the ridge before descending steeply to Hacienda Nicaragua where Arthur had a beer. This is the normal stopping point but as a large group was coming up behind us we moved on another 20 minutes to Alfredo's place. It was a family's house replete with livestock and featuring a bucket shower. The structure was an adobe home with wrap-around terrace where we set up hammocks. River-cooled beers were also available and the two of us availed ourselves of this amenity. They were a very friendly family and we would be seeing them again on the way back.

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