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Album: journal:day25

Johnson to Vt 15 to Corliss Camp
22 Oct 2005
Day 25
11.3 miles, 240.9 cumulative miles

The biggest question remaining has been answered. When will I leave Johnson? / How far will I go? I left early after a breakfast at Plum & Main (buscuits & gravy, egg, and potatoes) and hiked to Corliss Camp.

This is a great symbolic day. I left my last town stop/resupply, my last contact/email, and I am on the last map section. Tomorrow I will be on the last guidebook section.

-Uh oh. I was interrupted by at least one mouse stirring. I've been warned about this place in person and through the shelter log. Happily there are 7 less of the rodents after Joe O's stay and maybe a few less if the register is to be believed. -

Today's walk was nice. I crossed the river via a new suspension footbridge and hiked a couple hills. Then there was Laraway Mountain which the LT ascended mostly by old wood roads so it wasn't too tough. The days are short or I would have gone farther. Too bad because I found a message for me in the shelter log. Evidentally Toad (remember him?) had continued hiking with two other NoBos for awhile. With my pair of zero days in Stowe and my stay in Johnson they passed me today. Strange Brew and PC want me to catch up. They are at the next shelter, Spruce Ledge, tonight. Looking at the remaining miles, I should catch up to them not tomorrow but the next day on Jay Peak. I'm sure we will have plenty of stories to share. They have been following my and Half Mile's shelter register entries for awhile now so they know all kinds of stuff and have me at a disadvantage.

P.S. Damn mice.

P.P.S. The thermometer is registering 41° at 19:18. Not too bad.

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