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Album: journal:day02

Seth Warner Shelter to Melville Nauheim shelter
29 September 2005
Day 2
13.2 LT miles, 20 cumulative miles

Ahab, a southbound LT hiker, and I shared some great stories this morning. We both did the Camino de Santiago, although we started in different spots.

None of the three of us at the shelter wanted to linger too long this morning. The night had been windy and rains were forecast for today. Come morning the winds were still present and the sky was grey.

I was the first to leave when I hit the trail at 08:00. Yesterday I had climbed up from the valley and stayed near the ridgetop. The hiking was easy as the trail rolled gently up and down. I encountered my second set of puncheons or bog logs. They are laid down by volunteers in fragile soft areas so the trail isn't chewed up by hikers. The wet wood can be very slippery though so I was careful.

My hope was to reach Congdon Shelter, 7.2 miles away before the rain arrived. Sadly I didn't make it, but at least I didn't get soaked before finding refuge in the open front cabin. That is where I am writing this now.

I've been here an hour and will have to leave around 14:00 to make it to my next dry spot for the night. I've got some hot tea and a freeze dried meal to pass the time. Also the section hiker I met yesterday is here. Tomorrow he turns around and heads back.

13:36. It is still a steady rain but I'm packing up anyway. When your eye drops to the next paragraph try to remember the 4 hour muddy slog through a 50 ° rain I had to do before I could write that entry. By the way, my footwear is a 10-11 year old pair of sneakers without much tread. They are light though.

Melville Nauheim Shelter: Made it! And believe it or not the rain stopped before I left the previous shelter. In fact 1:25 later near the top of Harmon Hill there was sunshine. I'm at the shelter in my bag now and it's cold.

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