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Album: journal:day00

Parma, Ohio to the highway
27 Oct 2005
Day 0
0 miles, 0 cumulative miles

I always start a journal with day 0 which is usually a travel day to get to wherever I am going. This time is no different. Right now I'm in my sister's comfortable home and my backpack is downstairs. Before long I'll be handwritting my entries by headlamp while prone in my sleeping bag.

I haven't done any special preparations for this trip besides some supply drops. The first box is already on its way to Manchester Center where we will reunite. My sister will send off the rest. That reminds me. I still have to tape and label the remaining boxes. I'd better go.

For now this is all. I'll include an update from the bus journey with my first journal packet I send to my transcriber.

Here is the promised update from the bus or rather the bus terminal. I have 45 more minutes here so why not start writing?

The big news is not about travel at all, but those golden tresses I grew out during my AT thruhike in 2000. I have been thinking about shaving my head for a while now. I thought about it on the John Muir Trail after weeks of soiled, matted hair. I though about climbing snow and wind blasted mountains with hair poking my eyes. I thought about it in the jungle and cloud forests. Hell I even thought about it in buses when some moron seated behind me grabs my seat and hair to host themselves up. So I did the dead and sheared my head like a sheep. Now a plastic pumpkin at my sisters hous is wearing my ponytail. My head is cold and lumpy but I like it.

Well my bus is here, lets get this adventure started.

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