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Album: journal:20110616

16 Jun 2011: day 5
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Stream above Craig Creek A different stream 15.0 today / 58.1 total

I've made it into section 5 of the Colorado Trail. It ends at Kenosha Pass which I'll arrive at tomorrow afternoon.

Soon after leaving Old Hooper Road, a failed toll road, the trail rose above 10,000 ft and stayed there the whole day. I'm in the Lost Creek Wilderness now. The trail was almost continuously uphill but only the first two miles where steep. After those first two miles the trail dropped into the high valley of the North Fork of the Lost Creek. It seemed longer than the 6 miles in the databook. The day was young when I finished section 4 and the mosquitoes were biting so I carried on a few miles further under the threat of rain.

I got my first look at Georgia Pass in the distance. There has been a long of melting but I'm glad that I will have snowshoes. I hope the crossing isn't too grueling.

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