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Album: shoots:Whittington-Center-20120430

30 Apr - 3 May 2012: Spring Break 2012 at NRA Whittington Center

I needed until Sunday at 10 pm to submit the last of my schoolwork so I didn't leave until Monday afternoon. My destination was NRA Whittington Center about 3 hours south of Denver on I-25. It is just over the border in New Mexico. I learned about it on the Outdoor Network. Basically I spent 3 days camping and shooting.

It was great getting away and not having to worry about homework or think about classes and at the same time shoot a lot of things I don't take to the range very often. And I got to shoot steel silhouettes for the first time. Normally I don't get to shoot farther than 100 yards but here I was taking plenty of shots from 200-400 meters. I even shot out to 200 meters with pistols. For the record I can fairly reliably hit a man-sized target out to 100 meters.

The photo is of the NRA Whittingon Center HQ building that is home to the museum, library, and gift shop and is staffed by some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. For a $30 annual membership you have unlimited use of the facilities, otherwise it is $20 per day to shoot there. I think the museum and library are free. It is a non-profit organization and I highly recommend the place.

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