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Album: ciudad-perdida:photos:Day 5

Lost City Trek: Day 5

Today we left the ruins a little before 7h. I'm writing this streamside about a half hour down the trail from day d's camp where the rest are probably finishing up lunch. I wasn't hungry, and the unappetizing sandwiches didn't do anything to change that. I just drank some punch and shouldered my pack.

The day has gone well so far. The descent through the ruins gave us one more look then the stairs took us to the river. One needed to be careful descending the narrow, mossy stones. A slip could be a big problem. Back at the river we had 45 minutes to an hour of river walking. Afterward I switched to my trusty hiking boots (more glue than leather as one wag put it) for the remaining journey.

This is all somewhat familiar territory since we just passed this way 2 days ago with 1 notable exception. On the way to lunch at camp 2, we used the cable car to make that crossing and Idy almost stumbled to here death on the other side. Then we had a great if short swim with lots of jumping rocks and powerful current.

-- The rest of the group arrived. It's time to go --

There was a very hot 1 hour ascent followed by a 30 - 45 minute traverse through cleared land under the blistering sun to the camp 1 house were the son was selling Coca Cola and Cerveza Aguila for 2000 pesos a can which is less than a dollar. I took my second beer to the shower, a hose and barrel, and rinsed off the day's grime.

With the trip almost over and the longest day complete everybody is chill. We fed the pet birds some seeds and relaxed.

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