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Album: ciudad-perdida:photos:Day 4

Lost City Trek: Day 4

I came downstairs to a spliff factory. It was 08h30 and already the air held the sweet smoke of wake and bake. As one of my travelling companions said, this is better than Amsterdam if you like nature. We are staying here another night and nobody is in any rush. Breakfast was empanadas. Last night's chill is still in the air. I had to pull out my sleeping back this morning for the first time.

We had a guided tour of the site this morning. Arthur and I temporarily joined the other group for about 2-3 hours. the tour was informative and the guide very knowledgable. El Gordo, our guide, is a nice guy but not a particularily good guide. The tour ended with us at a swimming hole which most of us opted to wade into. So I am fairly clean again as we wait on lunch.

I'm worried as I am so low on digital memory. I have around 170 pics left. That sounds like a lot but not really since I like to shoot video as well and those are big files. Still it should be more than enough for the return trip to Santa Marta, but I have another 1-2 weeks here on the coast before I can download my photos to the laptop. This is if I can't find a 'net cafe in Santa Marta to burn a CD. I should be able to though. The digital lifestyle is everywhere.

In the afternoon it got cooler, the clouds descended, and it started to rain. Pretty much everybody stayed dry under the shelter at camp. I finished my book and had a short nap. It was good to just sit there and experience the surroundings with nothing else to occupy your mind.

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