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Album: journal:20070404

04 April 2007: day 54
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Gingercake Creek Chimney Gap 8.9 / 689.7

No more problems after last nights mishap. Tonight I am as prepared as possible for wind on I don't know it will be enough. I'm camped on a high ridge and massive wind gusts are tearing through the trees. I spent a lot of time examining the trees around and above me. I don't want anything falling on me during the night. And it was much cooler today. Tonight might be downright cold.

So how was todays walk? Low mileage for sure but I didn't start until 11:10. I don't know if I would consider this "exceptionally strenuous" or not. There was some relatively large uphill sections and lots of uneven footbed. Of course I only average a mile per hour including breaks so it is tougher than most.

It began easy with a walk along the river looking at more falls and cascades through the shrubbery. That didn't last long however. After dropping 1500 ft I began a long relentless climb to the summit of Table Rock Mountain at 3909 and there were a few intervening ups and downs. You can bet I was glad for the cool temperature and wind. Normailly I'd be a sweaty mess. Some of the hike up, especially the start was very, very steep. The higher I went the better the views got though. It was a clear day.

Finally at around 3600 ft by my altimeter, I arrived at the Summit Trail I dumped my pack, put on my fleece and headed up. That part was the most fun with more and more exposed rock to hop up. Along the way and of course at the top, the views were outstanding. The sun wasn't in a good position to photograph most of Linville Gorge but I did my best.

I couldn't stay on the summit forever. I needed to hike down to the Table Rock parking lot and picnic area on the other side of the mountain. I had several pounds of garbage including clothes and empty beer cans to throw in the trash. I hate carrying garbage. It is is a real treat to sit and eat comfortably at a picnic table.

After the picnic area the trail took me into rather than alongside the Linville Gorge Wilderness. It is part of the same Pisqah National Forest I have been in since leaving the Parkway. I didn't go too far but camped on the opposite side of The Chimneys. Those were some impressive formations and a fun walk. I took many photos today. I'm a little worried about my battery situation.

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