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Album: journal:20070402

02 April 2007: day 52
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Beacon Hts. Trail Junction of North Harper Creek Trail and Persimmon Ridge Trail 10.8 / 666.8

It rained off and on throughout the night but when the sun appeared over the ridge it was a beautiful day. The black flies were excited too. I had my own personal black fly solar system orbiting my head but with my new head net on I just smiled. For some reason they only inhabited that one spot high on the ridge because as I descended they stopped following.

I descended into the depths of the valley. Yesterday I was well above 4,000 ft and today well below 2,000 at the lowest point. Very soon I was on a poorly maintained forest service road which took me to the Timber Ridge Trail. I had seen some cascades on Gragg Prong while I hiked down the road but they now way prepared me for the wonder I was about to experience. The guidebook states "The stream bed's sculpted rock has created cascades and pools, and there are excellent areas for sunbathing and campsites in the forest." This area was exceptional. It is easily one of my top waterfall hikes ever. Lots of pictures and movies.

Four times I had to wade across Gragg Prong. On the last I must have gotten used to the cold mountain water because before I knew it, my clothes were drying on a rock and I was nekkid. While I was sunning my buns I also tried a few underwater photos near some cascades. They turned out good! I love my little Pentax Optio.

I spent a lot of time at that fourth crossing before moving up the trail Soon I was hiking upstream along a tributary. Here I made a discover. I spied a small cooler at a campsite. The place was deserted and I was curious. There was the remains of a bonfire containing empty beer cans and bottles of whiskey. I called out but nobody was around. When I opened the cooler there were unopened beers inside! At first I thought they forgot the cooler but then I saw a large cache of beers in sacks in the river. They must be planning another party and left those for their return. Still that is no excuse to leave all those empties as trash. I left them a note saying that I was fining them 7 beers for littering. That'll teach 'em hopefully. I scooted up the ridge with a heavier backpack.

There was more of the same but on a smaller scale on the other side of the ridge. This time it was Harpers Creek. I planned on stopping early in order to dry out my wet gear so I didn't go too far. I set up camp on the sandy creekside after the second (difficult) crossing. This is a great site and it was a great day.

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