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Album: journal:20070319

19 Mar 2007: day 38
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Summerfield Walnut Cove Food Lion 19 / 473.6

Whew it was cold. When I began unwrapping this morning I found an icicle where moisture from my breath condensed on my bivy sack an ran down to the edge where it froze. I recycled the H20 by eating the ice.

I wasn't sure if the family was up and about so I just waved to the house and headed down the road to the few buildings that compose historic Summerfield. I turned left and ground out another roadwalk. My first stop was Stokesdale where I planned to get something to eat. After that my destination was Walnut Cove.

The waitress at BJ's Grill will never win Ms. Congeniality but as long as she brings me a double cheeseburger and hush puppies I don't care. I've eaten burgers in a lot of greasy spoons and that was darn good. The order of hush puppies actually filled me up. I give the place my recommendation.

I was anxious to get to Walnut Cove. At BJ's I realized I would have to push to arrive at the post office before it's 4:30 closing time. Inside was a maildrop of replacement goods. I'd rather not have to stop early for the day to wait at the P.O. The more I hiked the more it looked like I would get there a little bit too late. Finally at about 4:20 I entered the town. Five minutes later I saw a flag pole. I knew it was too far away but couldn't bring myself to lurch down the street at a run. At 4:28 I bowed my head in defeat. What's that? To my left, right here was a post office set back from the road. I don't know what that flagpole down the street is for but my destination is right here. I ran in front of traffic to cross the street and awkwardly jogged to the front door. I made it with two minutes to spare. As I entered the lobby the two employees looked up and one said, "You must be the that hiker. We were just talking about you." She handed my my box. Yay.

I didn't make it quite out of town after that. I stopped at the library then at Food Lion. I'm in the yard of a nice old lady near the Food Lion. She had done a lot of camping herself and didn't hesitate to say yes. In fact she said yes so quickly I feared she didn't understand. Everybody has hesitated and thought it over.

Time to nibble on tomorrow's breakfast sandwich.

P.S.. I took a picture of my old tent stakes and my newly delivered ones. Quite a difference.

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