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Album: journal:20070318

18 Mar 2007: day 37
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Yancyville road Summerfield 17.6 / 454.6

Thanks to all the white blazes on trees, following the MST around Lakes Townsend and Brandt was usually straightforward. I will say that it is odd that they chose to use a white diamond instead of a white circle though. Like I said yesterday this section is much like Falls Lake. There were a few extra interesting things to see along the way however.

During my lunch stop at the Lake Brandt Marina I enjoyed more than simply a heated bathroom and picnic table. A group of four Mexicans came to rent some boats and go fishing. I wasn't really paying attention until they got caught with the cooler of beer. It was cold and windy on the lake and they had a cooler? Obviously it was beer. The guy comes running out of the office yelling "Hey amigos! What you got in the cooler? Tequila?" No, it was beer. So back it goes into the truck. That wasn't the funny part though. As I'm packing up I see them struggling on the lake. They don't know that oars go in oarlocks! They are paddling like a canoe. I wish my camera had a better zoom. It was hilarious.

I spent most of the day in the woods, but the last couple miles into the throbbing heart of Summerfield was on the side of the road. ?? almost dark to make up for my late start and because I was hoping to come across a small restaurant. Well there is no restaurant but the first house I came to put me in their backyard. As a bonus their young daughter helped me put up the tent. She really wants to go camping but not so much that she was willing to switch accommodations for the night. Too bad my fingers are freezing as I write this!

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