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Album: journal:20070310

10 Mar 2007: day 29
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
A.O. station 2 Bryan Park 16.5 today / 432 total

Is a breakfast of cookies healthy? I think it probably is.

Well a late night means a late start this morning but with only a short day ahead of me that isn't a concern. In fact I had time to fill in the rotating paramedic on the MST and my hike. He was so impressed he gave me a Mountain Dew. Now that is alright.

Hike, hike, hike down the road. This is still farm country but minus the mingled expensive homes and plus cows. Seeing cows is a little unusual. I haven't seen many until today. I love the smell of manure in the morning. Among the fields of poop I met another walker. She was an outgoing person who was surprised to see me on her daily 13 mile loop. I told her I was just as surprised and had even taken a picture. Walking for fun is something of a foreign concept in most places and rural NC is no exception.

During the walk toward Greensboro/Bryan Park I had lots of time to think about the next few days. My brother was making a surprise visit to Cleveland except the surprise was on him since I was out of state. He'd like for me to come up for a visit. Normally that wouldn't be possible or at least I couldn't do it in time. Today though a Greensboro hiker called Grizzly Adam is taking me in so not only do I potentially have a ride, Internet, and a place to store my pack but an airport too. It wasn't until late that I decided to make the trip and bought the tickets.

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