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Album: journal:20070309

9 Mar 2007: day 28
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
NC 49 & NC 119 A.O. Vol. Fire Dept. station 2 15 today / 415.5 total

I must have been comfortable last night because I slept solidly and didn't leave the bag until 9. I don't even want to say what time I finally hiked out. I'll just say that my hosts left before I did. Happily I remembered to get a picture of them before we parted ways. They seemed like people who had a lot of good stories after having lived on a boat for 6 years in the Carribean. Too bad I had to leave before hearing them.

At 1 o'clock I thought I was seeing a mirage. Is there really a cookie shop in the middle of nowhere? What caught my eye was the sign on the lawn saying "Milkshakes". The owner and chief cookie wrangler was hard at work inside but not too busy to get to know her latest customer Very friendly and everything I tried there tasted great.

Down the road when it got to be "about that time" I was standing in front of the Altamahaw-Ossippee Volunteer Fire Station. There were a couple guys out front washing their trucks and I thought "What the heck. Lets give it a try." In short I'm camped out behind their station house and I got a shower. As a bonus the local hunting club is cooking up BBQ behind me that will be ready before I leave in the morning. That will be a good breakfast and maybe I'll take some to go for lunch.

So far some of the most interesting parts of this trip have been where I have been spending the night.

Midnight update: Back in the tent after enjoying the hospitality of the Jericho Hunting Club. I had been asleep but perked right up when I realized someone was asking if I wanted food. They had some baked potatoes and a redhot sausage for me. Oh baby. And there was beer of course. Unfortunately I found out that they sell the pork shoulders whole and they are presold at that. No delicious barbeque for me. :( Other than that downer it was an enjoyable night although I didn't have any stories or jokes to share myself.

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