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Album: journal:20070308

8 Mar 2007: day 27
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Masons rd & 157 NC 49 & NC 119 22.9 today / 400.5 total

Not much to report today. I turned on the autopilot and chugged out the miles. It is the same sort of pleasant farm country that I've seen before. The only difference is that since Butner I'm armed with Sabre Pepperspray. Now when the dogs come running I'm like "Make my day". To be honest I'm itching to use it. I've had to walk through a lot of aggressive dogs and have no patience for them.

At Cedar Grove (picture below) I hoped to pick up something to eat at the historic store but it was defunct. There was a nice bench for resting and I refilled my water bottle next door at the post office. Fortunately down the road about a mile and a half was another tiny grocery. For some reason I developed a desire for hot dogs which they luckily had. As I was outside in the parking lot cooking them up a long haired customer came out and told me that the people inside thought what I was doing was really strange. I agreed it was strange with a smile and a laugh. I could hear them laughing and carrying on inside. I must have been the highpoint of their day. They'll remember it for years.

A couple hours down the road I totally lucked out. I was just asking for the usual tent spot but was offered a night in their unfinished summer house. They are a retired couple of former sailboaters and I'm staying in their caribbean influenced home and they let me check email earlier. It is unheated but certainly a step up from my floorless tent. I'm even doing my journal in a comfortable chair at a table. All this thanks to complete strangers that I can now call friends.

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