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Album: journal:20070215

15 Feb 2007: day 6
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Buxton Ocracoke Island 13 today / 68.9 total

I started hiking out of Buxton a little before 9. The problem was I tried to shortcut back to the lighthouse through a residential neighborhood. I wanted to get back to the MST without having to retrace all my steps, but instead I did extra mileage leaping around the condos and had to retrace my steps anyway. Ugh!

Back at the lighthouse I put on my detective cap. I couldn't get a sense of just where the MST goes from the guidebook because it is written from the perspective of hiking it in the opposite direction. I took a guess on the park service road and was rewarded in rapid succession by two landmarks. I had just finished another guidebook consultation when I saw the 2 inch white circle of the MST painted on a signpost! I was flabbergasted. I haven't seen a blaze since day 1. Hiking quickly on I saw another, and another. My excitement mounted. Soon I was on a bonafide, blazed trail through some pine woods.

The trail begins at a WWII cometary. Believe it or not, it is a British one. Two seamen were found on the beach after U-boat attacks off the coast. It is easy to forget that Japanese and Germans were both attacking from US coastal waters during the war. After a moment of reflection I was off down the trail. I smiled at every blaze. I had been worried about finding this trail. It is an interesting one because the forest has grown up out of the dunes and taken them over. Toward the end the path was pretty sandy. There was a lot in my shoes and socks today.

Eventually I exited to the beach for a 6 mile stretch to the ferry. The ferry makes a connection to Ocracoke Island. The route is 4 miles long and takes 40 minutes. The ride is free. It was a good change of pace. Note that this puts me very close to finishing the MST through the Outer Banks. The next ferry will take me to the mainland and is only 14 miles away.

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