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Album: journal:20070213

13 Feb 2007: day 4
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Dune Avon 7 today / 47.5 total

Wow after all that complaining yesterday, along comes today. First it was warm. Last night was 53° and today was 67° but putting the thermometer in the sun - like me - 80°: I would have worn shorts today if I had them. Then I discoverd that I was a little further along than I thought plus there was a huge stretch of compacted sand and I was able to hike fast.

I made it into Avon before 13:00 to find most places closed for the season and most houses empty. Having done 6 hours of hiking on 8 oz. of water, I was in need. Finally I found a fishing supply store, bought about 3/4 gallon of liquids, and chatted with the locals and owners. They were a friendly bunch and I got the local lowdown along with lodging reommendations and watched the weather channel. The midwest US is being hammered by a big winter storm. Some of the South too. I managed to avoid it all. The rain never came last night although waves of threatening clouds passed overhead from the time I put the roof up to shortly before reaching Avon.

The hiking scenery was more of the same so I didn't really take any pictures. There are a few from the little cottage I'm renting and one of my blister. It looks worse than it is. I had just come out of the shower so it was all puffy and moist. It is on my right heel and I think that I got it because the beach is generally sloped from left to right. So I can't walk normally like on flat ground. I must put my right foot down different hence the blister. Anyway there is much packing and planning to do so time for me to go.

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