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Album: journal:20070211

11 Feb 2007: day 2
Start Destination Daily Miles / Total
Near Bodie Island Lighthouse Dune on Pea Island 15.6 today / 27.2 total

Sleep came quickly last night. I hadn't slept the night before my departure and then only occasionally during the bus ride. I had to slide into my emergency bivy bag due to the cold but after that slept soundly. I probably got 9-10 total and still woke up in enough time to see the sunrise.

This morning had a few highlights. First was the lighthouse up close, second was the fishing center and Coast Guard station and last was the Herbert Bonner bridge.

The lighthouse visitor center wasn't going to be open for another couple hours so all I didwas look for a water faucet (there was none) and take some pics. After following a winding nature trail I was on route 12 which I took past the Oregon Inlet Campground (closed) to the Coast Guard station and fishing center. The reason that was a highlight was that I needed water. It had some nice heated restrooms. I took an hour break there to rest, reorganize, and water up. The 2.4 mile long Herbert Bonner bridge began immediate after leaving the station. I would be hiking across this impressive bridge for the next hour. It spans Oregon Inlet. The ocean is on one side and Pamlico Sound on the other. I enjoyed the crossing and was happy that it wasn't especially windy. On the other side I took the road for about a third of a mile before exiting to the beach again. This is Pea Island and most is a National Wildlife refuge. My next destination was the refuge visitor center for a late lunch.

I wasn't sure I would be able to find where to leave the beach for the the Visitor Center because I haven't seen an MST blaze since leaving Jockeys Ridge State Park. Given the distance I figured that after an hour on the beach I'd cross the dunes and get on NC-12. That is what I did and I could see the parking lot. The visitor center was further on but I needed this parking lot and the trail to wrap around North Pond first. It was nice enought but I just really wanted to get to the visitor center and eat. I eventually got my wish along with some postcards.

I hiked along the beach until 17:30 or so. I'm stealth camping on a dune and listening to the waves. Im only about 2 miles from the north border of the wildlife refuge. I can see the lights of civilization ahead. It must be the small village of Roanthe. the sky is clear so no gear again tonight. There is supposed to be some rain coming in the next few days. I'll get a forecast tomorrow.

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