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Album: journal:day21

Puffer to Butler Lodge
18 Oct 2005
Day 21
7.0 LT miles, 209.9 cumulative miles

Ever northward, ever raining. My original plan was to summit Mansfield today and stay at Taft Lodge a little below the top. What thwarted that plan was some southbound hikers that spoke of iced over trees, cold temps, and a possibly clear Thursday. I met them at Taylor Lodge 2 hours up the trail from Puffer.

I survived Puffer without getting everything soaked like Will 2 nights before. I was cozy and well rested. Outside it was raining gently. This continued while I hiked to Taylor. I waited out the drizzle there and a father-son team arrived with news of the the north and a weather forecast. I decided to go no further than the next lodge which is an excellent staging area for an early start up Mansfield.

When I saw Butler Lodge I was overjoyed. It is a beautiful enclosed cabin that I have all to myself. I'm still stupefied at how nice it is. In fact I have decided to stay here an extra day in hopes of being able to climb Mansfield in decent weather.

Now it is 18:55 and I am finishing up my nightly routine. Dinner was a hearty meal of Velveeta Shells and Cheese plus 7 oz. of tuna. Keeping the cold at bay is Ballon Dancer's instant cider and some spiced rum. The rain is a constant patter on the roof. I'm looking forward to spending another night here. I have never spent more than one night in a shelter. This is certainly a good place to change that. Maybe I can even dry some clothes.

My sister would love this place!

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